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Supporting Our Seniors

“The 55+ community is a critical part of Maryland’s legacy and an asset to our future. Everyone should be able to age in place as contributing community members with dignity and respect.”

Sixty is the new forty. Many of those I meet in District 9 are like my parents—they love biking, hiking, traveling and many are still working part time, are active volunteers and role models for their grandchildren. We need to think more creatively about what it means to age in place actively and I will work hard to reduce the cost of living for seniors.

In 2019 I passed legislation to expand Maryland’s Aging-in-Place Property Tax Credit and prevent seniors from being priced out of their homes. In 2022 I  also proudly co-sponsored the Retirement Tax Elimination Act, which will reduce or completely eliminate state income taxes on Social Security payments for 80% of Maryland seniors.

We must provide affordable and age-accessible public transportation, housing, healthcare, and other social services that support our seniors in our communities.  Finally, we must plan for the continuum of aging, for the more active years and for those years when seniors may have more needs. Continuing a dialogue with seniors in our community will better help us to develop solutions that will work for them over the coming years, and I look forward to keeping that conversation going.