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Health Care

“Access to affordable health care is a human right. Too many in Maryland don’t have adequate health insurance coverage – that is unacceptable.”

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for competent and effective public health programming at the local level. Specifically, we have relied on our local health departments to support the Statewide vaccination campaign and roll-out, and these departments have played a crucial role in getting shots into the arms of Marylanders. I supported providing state funding to ensure that all local health departments are adequately funded to both meet the moment and continue to protect the health of Marylanders after the pandemic is over.

I will work tirelessly to preserve health insurance coverage and address health care costs. Everyone deserves quality, affordable health insurance, whether it’s public or private. During my first term in office, I’ve supported legislation that has protected thousands of people’s health insurance coverage that had been at risk. We still need a comprehensive, long-term solution that provides adequate health insurance coverage.

I support policies that: