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“We all want clean air, clean water, and safe food. We want efficient and clean energy. We want smart and sustainable development. We CAN protect the environment and ensure economic growth at the same time.”

Environmental protection was once a bipartisan issue. However, declines in heavy industry over the past decades have led powerful lobbyists to claim that environmental protection is burdensome and comes at the expense of economic growth and job creation. These claims are false. Partnerships are vital and I know through my own professional experience that governments, businesses, farmers, and communities can work together to achieve solutions. I will champion solutions that are win-win-win: good for the community, good for the economy, and good for the environment so that we can leave a better world for our children.

The combination of climate change and development is already having an impact in Maryland such as the devastating flooding of Old Ellicott City. I worked hard to pass the Resilient Maryland Revolving Loan Fund to help provide resources to build our resilience to climate change and save our coastlines from washing away, our cropland from salinization, and our buildings and roads from damage. Finally, I support the development of clean, renewable energy in Maryland. We can create good jobs that are close to home that pay a living wage: clean energy alone will give Maryland $3 billion in economic benefits and 30,000 jobs.